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Windshield Replacement Philadelphia

Windshield Repair Philadelphia

Windshield Replacement

When it comes to judging the situation as a car owner, it can sometimes be difficult to figure out if you need a windshield replacement or windshield repair. Usually initial damage from a stray rock or pebble to a windshield is very small and can be repaired quite easily. If the damage is allowed to exist without repairs, however, the heat of summer and the cold of winter in Philadelphia can end up causing that chip to become a far bigger problem.

A good rule of thumb is that if the chip or crack in your windshield is less than a quarter in diameter, then 90% of the time the damage can be fixed with a simple windshield repair. If the affected area is slightly larger than a quarter, then repairs can be done on a case-by-case basis. For cracks and damaged areas larger than that, it is highly likely that the car will need a full windshield replacement in order to be safe again.

All across the Philadelphia area, we provide mobile windshield replacement service at no additional cost. Our staff is located at dispatch points all across town and can respond accordingly to any appointment or urgent matter, often the same day. Our fine selection of glass includes high-quality OEM glass for windshield replacements and OEM-style urethane adhesives for locking the repairs into place like it was installed at the factory. Any technician employed by AGA is NGA Certified and will take all steps to ensure your windshield is installed properly and is safe for operation.

Not all windshields are created equally and we will require some information from you in order to give you an accurate quote. There are many newer model vehicles that have windshields with special add-ons and features that interact with the automobile. These include rain sensors that activate the windshield wipers when rain begins to fall, antennae that are used for radio, remote start or built-in GPS devices, heated windshield areas at the bottom of the glass below the wipers or any rear-view mirrors that automatically dim when bright lights hit them.

When calling us, please have the make, model and year of your vehicle ready as well as any known details or electronic features in the windshield so that we can determine what specific windshield requirements your vehicle has. As a result of this, we can provide the absolute lowest quote possible while still performing quality work with quality materials.